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About Alpine Autoworks:
Exclusively BMWs

Over 50 Years of BMW Experience!

At Alpine Autoworks, we pride ourselves on excellence in servicing your BMW and getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. We have thousands of original equipment parts in stock and we take the time to explain repairs to you. When you bring your BMW to us, you'll have the chance to speak directly with a trained professional and he/she will explain to you, in detail, the repair work that is being done. We communicate via voice, text, or email to accommodate your schedule. We offer pick up and delivery, or a ride home or to work if needed. We also have the ability to schedule you for a loaner car if your service will require more than one day in our shop. Our friendly atmosphere is something our customers constantly tell us about. We are here to serve you and we appreciate all of our customers. Please read our reviews, research our reputation, then come see us. You won't be disappointed. 

John Scheidhauer
Technician/ Owner
37 years BMW experience

“I enjoy the interaction with my employees and all of our customers. I am meticulous about my own vehicles and appreciate a customer with a well kept car. I don’t strive to be the “Automotive Discount Supercenter”. I just want to offer the best value per dollar that I can. If you want a comfortable and trusting relationship with your repair shop I think you will like Alpine.”

Michael Jones
Lead Technician
19 years BMW experience

“Sometimes you can encounter a challenging problem that can take some time to work thru. One of the things that I believe separates us from other shops is that we fix cars. By that I mean we don’t like throwing parts at a problem until it goes away. I think our customers appreciate our dedication to getting things right the first time even if it takes a bit longer.”

Deniece Scales
Parts / Service manager
17 Years parts experience with 6 years BMW exclusive

“I have been in the parts business for a while. I have seen some shops that will go for the easy profit by installing cheaper aftermarket parts. We know that BMW original equipment manufacturers have designed their parts to best suite your car and extend the service life of your investment. We trust our parts suppliers which allows us to offer a 36 month 36,000 mileage parts and labor warranty (some exclusions apply).”